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Order the complete Lighting Library® Collection Subscription.

The Lighting Library is a newly formulated 5-collection series of IES standards that updates, expands, and replaces The 2010 Lighting Handbook and previous versions of our standards. All content within the Library has been vetted and approved by our ANSI-approved IES consensus process, with most of the nearly 100 standards having attained American National Standards status. Subscribing to The Lighting Library through our web-enabled platform allows you to take your knowledge with you (without breaking your back); you can bookmark, annotate, and keep track of updates, all personalized to your interests. For companies and organizations, the Sustaining Membership offerings allow collaboration between organization members, no matter where you are.

 Includes access to The Illuminance Selector.

Subscription Service: Secure Access
Publisher: Illuminating Engineering Society (2020)

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